Saturday, January 30, 2016

Getting 2016 Off to a Good Start -- Laura Noel, Davion Alston, Maude Schuyler Clay, Eliot Dudik

Some news of Southern photographers, and photographs, in the midst of a chilly Southern winter:

1. Atlanta-based photographers Laura Noel (see image above)  and Davion Alston have been awarded IDEA Capital grants to pursue specific projects.

Noel's grant will enable her to fund a book project The Lookout, combining poems Noel has created by stitching together intertwined conversations overheard in public places with photograms made from objects Noel finds in the streets of Atlanta.

Alston's grant will support his project, Sapelo Island (see image above), to document
through text and photography the Geechee /Gullah culture of coastal Georgia as it goes through a transition brought about by the influx of tourist-driven commercial developments that threaten the culture and the identity of the island's long-time residents.

 2. Mississippi-based photographer Maude Schuyler Clay (see image above) is opening a major show of work from her Mississippi History portfolio at Atlanta's Jackson Fine Art Gallery on February 5th, 2016.

Clay's work is up at Jackson Fine Art through April 16th of this year. 

3. Williamsburg, VA-based photographer Eliot Dudik (see image above) has had his Broken Land portfolio featured in the online ezine Hawk and Handsaw, from Unity College in Maine, go here.

More later, from The Southern Photographer. 

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