Tuesday, March 10, 2015

South by Southeast -- S[x]SE -- for Early Spring 2015

The latest issue (Volume X, Issue 2) of South by South East (S[x]SE) Photography Magazine is now out for early spring 2015, and it has all the fine photography and engaging features we have come to expect from S[x]SE.

Editor Nancy McCrary says March means spring, so this issue is devoted to images we need to make the transition from a long, hard winter to the wonders of springtime Down South. 

McCrary brings us photography by Donna Rosser, Eric Whitaker,  Marilyn Suriani,  Peter Leafman,  Melissa Levesque, (see image below),  Diane Kirkland (see image above),
Blake Pierson, and Frank Fuerst.

There is also an extended essay by Hillsborough, NC -based photographers Margo Taussig Pinkerton and Arnie Zann, of Barefoot Contessa Photo Adventures, about releasing your inner creativity. 

The issue also includes interviews by Jerry Atnip with portrait photographer Tina Barney and by  Dennis Graves with Mario Algaze.

And you can have access to all this fine -- and award-winning -- work for a very reasonable fee, a very reasonable fee indeed.

To subscribe, to do the right thing, go here.

Don't put it off any longer. We Southern photographers need to support our basic institutions.

You know you should subscribe. You know it, you really do.

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  1. Honored and excited to be in the current issue with such an accomplished group of photographers. Many thanks for showing one of my favorite images.