Thursday, October 30, 2014

Dennis Church is having an Amazing 2014, and Its Only October

Bonita Springs, Florida-based photographer Dennis Church is having an exceptional 2014, and its only October. 

In late October, brilliantly-colored and meticulously composed images from his AMERICOLOR portfolio were featured on Jeff Rich's Eyes on the South blog for late October.

His book of these images, also called AMERICOLOR, has just been published through BLURB, and is available here.

Church has also had work featured in a number of overseas venues, including 

1. Wonderzine, a magazine based in Moscow, Russia

2. Image in Progress, an Italian photography magazine

3. ARTPHOTO Magazine, Prague, Czech Republic

In September of 2014, he had a solo show of his work at the Kaori Gallery in Canberra, Australia, up from September 4th - 27th, 2014. 

And, among other achievements, late last year, LensCulture listed Church's AMERICOLOR portfolio as one of their favorite 13 portfolios from all of 2013.

I had the good fortune to see Church's work at the recent ACP Portfolio Review. I found his images stunning, a riot of color, yet meticulously composed.

Church told me that many of his images were made from his car while sitting at stop lights, the composition of a moment. 

That's breathtaking. Everything is in the right place, lined up perfectly.  Church's ability to bring the light, color, and chaos of the Southern landscape into remarkable order is simply stunning.

All this work in all these diverse and far-flung places suggests that his work has wide appeal, bringing him well-deserved recognition as a fine art photographer.

And who knows what the rest of the year will bring.


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