Sunday, September 7, 2014

S[x]SE for Early Fall 2014

The latest issue (Volume IX, Issue 5) of South by South East (S[x]SE) Photography Magazine is now out for early fall of 2014, and it has all the fine photography and engaging features we have come to expect from S[x]SE.

Editor Nancy McCrary likes to say of S[x]SE that "From gallery shows to museum exhibitions, book reviews, photo festivals, the best of the blogs written about Southern photography, interviews with gallery directors, photographers, museum curators and collectors of the South, along with articles and galleries of 9 – 12 featured artists."

McCrary says,  if you are interested in photography from "Miami to Washington, Dallas to Savannah," she's "got you covered."

McCrary builds this issue around conversation with major figures in the world of contemporary photography, most but not all of whom work in the South.

The issue opens with Barbara Griffin's long interview with Atlanta-based photographer Lucinda Bunnen, then shifts to a series of portfolios of younger Southern photographers who have been recommended by older Southern photographers. 

In this section, we get to see work by Rusty Miller (recommended by Susan Todd-Raque), Rusty Yates (see image directly above, recommended by Amanda Smith), Barbara Lee Black (recommended by Chip Cooper),  Kevin Kline (recommended by Jennifer Shaw), Tamara Reynolds (see image below, recommended by Jerry Atnip), and Kristin Bedford (see image at top) and Lee Dunkel (both recommended by Burke Uzzle).

In addition to all this fine photography there are all the interviews, reviews, discussions, and conversations we have come to expect, and value, from S[x]SE.

And you can have access to all this fine -- and award-winning -- work for a very reasonable fee, a very reasonable fee indeed.

To subscribe, to do the right thing, go here.

Don't put it off any longer. We Southern photographers need to support our basic institutions.

You know you should subscribe. You know it, you really do.

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