Monday, March 10, 2014

S[x]SE for March 2014

The latest issue (Volume IX, Issue 2) of South by South East (S[x]SE) Photography Magazine is now out for spring 2014, and it has all the fine photography and engaging features we have come to expect from S[x]SE.

Editor Nancy McCrary features in this issue a portfolio of work by New Orleans-based photographer Meg Turner (see image above) made in Chernobyl. There is also a long interview with Turner about her work, and especially about this body of work made far from Turner's home base in Louisiana.

The rest of the issue is devoted to a series of portfolios that all deal in one way or another with the subject of farms.

Photographers of farms include  Jimmy Williams, Kim Lane (see image 2 below), Mark Mosrie (see image above), Vincent Lawson, Robert A. Schaefer, Jr., Brandon Thibodeaux, Marla Puziss, Tina Bulka, Brett Schenning, Perry Dilbeck, Marge Marino, Allison Barnes, and Dan Routh (see image below).

In addition to all this fine photography there are book notices and reviews and other features we have come to expect, and value, from S[xS]E.

And you can have access to all this fine -- and award-winning -- work for a very reasonable fee, a very reasonable fee indeed.

To subscribe, to do the right thing, go here.

Don't put it off any longer. We Southern photographers need to support our basic institutions,

You know you should subscribe. You know it, you really do.

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