Thursday, January 16, 2014

S[x]SE for January 2014

The latest issue (Volume IX, Issue 1) of South by South East (S[x]SE) Photography Magazine is now out for winter 2014, and it has all the fine photography and engaging features we have come to expect from S[x]SE.

Editor Nancy McCrary has devoted this issue to portraiture and architectural photography, with featured portfolios by Jerry Siegel (see image above) and Nell Campbell (see image below).

Other portraitists in this issue include Rob Amberg, Chip Cooper, Lisa W. Flanary, Gabriela Iancu, Dan Routh, Scott Lowden, Vincent Lawson, Walter Beckham, Christian Harkness, Maude Schuyler Clay, Raymond Grubb, Parker Smith, and Lorrie Dallek.

Photographers showing architectural work also include Diana Bloomfield, Chip Cooper, Catherine Jarret, Don Norris, Marla Puziss, Robert A. Schaefer, Jr., Myrtie Cope, and Terri Garland.

In addition to all this fine photography there are book notices and reviews and other features we have come to expect, and value, from S[xS]E.

And you can have access to all this fine -- and award-winning -- work for a very reasonable fee, a very reasonable fee indeed.

To subscribe, to do the right thing, go here.

Don't put it off any longer. We Southern photographers need to support our basic institutions,

You know you should subscribe. You know it, you really do.

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