Wednesday, September 2, 2015

SxSE Transformed!

Nancy McCrary has taken a great leap of faith and transformed her wonderful magazine of Southern Photography into Something Completely Different. 

With the September/October issue for 2015, South by Southeast Photomagazine is all on the web, and on the new website, and entirely free. 

This issue is big, and new, and crammed with fine photographs, interviews, book reviews, and all the other essential features we've come to expect from Nancy and her staff.  

Included in this issue are:

Interviews with Elizabeth Avedon, Sally Mann,  Spencer Throckmorton, William Boling, Andrew Feiler, and David Diodate.

A report on
A Smith Gallery in Johnson City, Texas, and the Shootapalooza festival and a tribute to Harold Feinstein, whose work was recently on exhibit at the Lumiere Gallery in Atlanta.

Reviews of books, including Birth of a Warrior by Raymond Jones, Without Regard to Sex, Race or Color: The Past, Present and Future of One Historically Black College by Andrew Feiler, and Living Diversity: The Columbia Pike Documentary Project by Lloyd Wolf

Maude Schuyler Clay's account of destroying a photograph by Sally Mann.

And, best of all, photographs by Diana Bloomfield (see image below), Karl Baden, Lorrie Dallek, Diane Kirkland, Matthew Rond, Kim Lane, Adela Holmes, Jeffrey Stoner, Adam Bellefeuil, Beate Sass, Karl Baden, Eric Pickersgill, Mike Nalley, Matthew Rond, the team of Desiree Espada and Kasumi Chow, Betty Press (see image above), and Marla Puziss.

Not to mention a whole slew of calls for submission for various types of work to grace future additions to the SxSE website.

This is not to be missed. Check it out today. 

What a gift to us all, this SxSE publication!


  1. What a wonderful endorsement. You are right. The new look of SxSE is stunning.