Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Southern Photographers on LENSCRATCH

LENSCRATCH bills itself as "The Fine Art Photography Daily" and really lives up to its name. 

As they say, "LENSCRATCH is considered one of the 10 Photography-Related blogs you should be reading by Source Review,, Rangefinder and InStyle Magazine."

Aline Smithson and her colleagues at LENSCRATCH work extremely hard to provide an enormous range of information about fine art photography and its practitioners.

Lately, it seems, their attention has been drawn to the work of a large number of Southern photographers, always a good thing.  

Here are some of the Southern photographers to appear in recent issues of LENSCRATCH:

Southern photographers often show up in LENSCRATCH's series of online exhibitions, HERE, including Georgia's Dale Niles and Donna Rosser in the recent Bathing Suits and Sunburns exhibition.

Individual Southern photographers or our festivals also attract attention from LENSCRATCH

Columbia, SC-based photographer Elle Olivia Andersen (see image above) was featured in the August 24th 2015 edition of LENSCRATCH. 

Louisiana-based photographers Ted Jackson and Jane Fulton Alt (see image above) were also featured recently as part of reflection on the anniversary of Katrina's devastation of New Orleans and the Gulf Coast.

Florida-based photographer Benjamin Dimmitt was featured the issue of August 6th, 2015.

Chapel Hill's Lori Vrba was interviewed in the March 24th, 2015 issue.  

PhotoNOLA was the subject of a feature story back in January.  Alexa Dilworth, of Duke's Center for Documentary Studies, was the focus of an extended profile last year.   

Most recently, a series of features that intends to move state-by-state across the country has stopped in Virginia, Georgia, and Florida. 

In the Virginia series, curated by Eliot Dudik, featured photographers included Dudik, Pamela Pecchio, Susan Worsham, Brittany Nelson, Shane Rocheleau, Justin James Reed, and Matt Eich.

The Georgia series, curated by Carson Sanders, the photographers included were Sanders, Parker Stewart, Maury Gortewmiller, Ashley Jones, Stephen Milner, and Rebecca Nolan.

The Florida series, curated by Jeremy Chandler, included work by Chandler, Selina Roman, Annie Donovan, Kristen Roles, Katty Hover, Chris Otten, and Roy Albert Berry.

The folks at LENSCRATCH bring us so much good work, and so frequently, that I'm sure I've missed folks, and for that I'm sorry. 

But I've given enough links for you to get some sense of the great work LENSCRATCH does for us as supporters and practitioners of Southern photography. 

Some of these names are familiar to readers of this blog, and some are new, but all are worthy of our attention, and of our gratitude to the good folks at LENSCRATCH for bringing them to us in this venue.

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