Friday, September 4, 2015

News of Southern Photographers Part II -- Late Summer 2015

Your humble servant has gotten behind in his work over the summer, and is still trying to catch up. So expect this blog entry to grow as the days progress from summer into fall.

Several items of interest:

1. Mississippi-based photographer Maude Schuyler Clay (see image above) will have a new book of her work out this fall, entitled My Mississippi History, available for pre-order here. 

2. Charlottesville, VA-based photographer Matt Eich has received his second grant from the Getty Foundation through their 2015 Getty Images Grants for Editorial Photography competition. 

This grant is to support publication of the book Carry Me Ohio, his project on poverty, heroin, and the oil and gas industries in southeastern Ohio.

Eich also received a Getty grant in 2013 for “Sin & Salvation in Baptist Town,” his project on race in Greenwood, Miss.

3. New Orleans-based photographer Frank Relle, who specializes in photographing Louisiana in the dark, has been featured on the NY Times lens blog, here, with images from his Until the Water portfolio.  

4. Distinguished Southern photographer William Eggleston will publish a major, and massive, collection of his photographs from the 1980's in November 2015. 

This ten volume set of books will contain more than 1,000 photographs drawn from a body of over 12,000 pictures made by Eggleston in the 1980s. 

Steidl, Eggleston's publisher, describes this collection as containing "an opening volume of work in Louisiana, [while] the ensuing volumes cover Eggleston's travels from his familiar ground in Memphis and Tennessee out to Dallas, Pittsburgh, Miami and Boston, the pastures of Kentucky and as far as the Berlin Wall. 

"The final volume leads the viewer back to the South of small towns, cotton fields, the Civil War battlefield of Shiloh and the home of Andrew Jackson in Tennessee."

This collection sells for $600, and you can preorder it at a discount here.  

All for now. More to come!

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