Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Heather Evans Smith is having a Great 2015, and Its Only September

Winston-Salem, NC-based photographer Heather Evans Smith (see image above) is having an exceptionally good 2015. 

Recently she was named winner in the Portrait category in PDN's Curator Competition and featured in a show of winning work at the Foley Gallery, on Orchard Street, up from July 29th to August 7th, 2015, in NYC. 

Smith has also had work in the Soho Photo National Photography Exhibition, up from July 8th through 25th at the SoHoPhoto Gallery in NYC. 

Others of her images are touring as part of the Critical Mass Top 50 Exhibition, to be on view next in Antigua, Guatemala at the GuatePhoto International Photography Festival, up from November 12th to 30th, 2015.

Last, but far from least, Smith's work has been singled out for celebration on the South Africa-based style blog Miss Moss, here.

Smith's success has been based on recognition of the strength of images images from her Seen Not Heard Portfolio (see images above). 

The PDN Jurors' statement about her work describes it as challenging "the Old English adage that children should "be seen and not heard," photographing herself and her young daughter as her subjects. 

They go on: Smith's "images create a voluble visual narrative on the relationship between parent and child, exploring the cycles that are passed down through generations and the tension between following the familiar and forging a newer—and perhaps stronger—path. 

'As strong as the mother-daughter bond may be, there also exists a distance inherent between two different individuals."

Smith's work is strong, indeed, well worthy of all this recognition in so many national and international venues. She's now included in my list of Southern Photographers We are Getting to Know.

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