Thursday, September 30, 2010

SlowExposures featured in The New Yorker

SlowExposures is featured in this week's New Yorker online photography blog Photo Booth.

The New Yorker's Elizabeth Biondi traveled to Pike County, Georgia for the opening weekend and had a wonderful time. She came back with good words for everyone, and includes images from the show, and from John Bennette's Southern Memories show, on the blog. She enjoyed "the Southern conviviality and hospitality [that] create an ambiance that is most of all creative and communicative."

Elizabeth says she "learned to pronounce the word “kudzu” properly, ate a lot of Southern food, met many talented photographers, saw tons of very good work, and fell in love with a number of photographs, especially Jessica Hines’s quirky boat picture."

"Most important," Elizabeth says, "the photographs helped me understand Southern ways a little better than I did before."

You go, girl.

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