Monday, September 20, 2010

Jane Robbins Kerr is part of Southern Memories Show

Photographs by Georgia photographer Jane Robbins Kerr are featured in the special exhibition Southern Memories, organized by John Bennette at this year's SlowExposures photography festival in Pike County, Georgia. 

The show, up in the Whiskey Bonding Barn in Molena, Georgia, includes work by a number of Southern photographers, including in addition to Kerr, Raymond Adams, William Boling, Sheila Pree Bright, William A. Chambers, Brenda Fayard, William Gilliespie, Rob Hann, Jessica Hines, Joanna Knox, Kendall Messick, Donna Rosser, Anderson Scott, Jerry Siegel, David Simonton, Jo Lynn Still, Gordon Settinius, Colton Vincent, and Hai Zhang. 

Bennette says of Kerr that she "burns with a passion to make pictures and to tell stories with them," making "small black and white photographs that make you aware of the basic language of structures," that are "simple, almost naive, as if a child had drew them. You recognize them; they reassure."

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  1. Thanks for the mentions of the show on your blog. It is a great collection.