Sunday, September 5, 2010

Laura Noel Portfolo on Texas Photographic Society Site

Atlanta-based photographer Laura Noel recently won a portfolio competition for mid-career photographers sponsored by the Texas Photographic Society. Her work is now online at the Texas Photographic Society website.

The Texas Photographic Society is a major web-based resource for photographers inside and outside Texas, both for its hosting of information about photography across the country and also for the many competitions it hosts or sponsors each year.

Laura's portfolio of images on the TPS site is hauntingly elegiac, focusing on a modest suburban ranch house which Laura once shared with her former husband, a place Laura says that serves for her as "a repository for all the emotions and failures and successes and bits of everyday life and larger aspirations we either shared with each other or scorned."

The images in this portfolio were made as her husband and then she and her son moved out of this house in 2006.

Laura says that these "images are meant to be an elegy for the end of the relationship, but hopefully the photographs capture the greater process of loss and recovery everyone experiences at some point."

Congratulations to Laura for her powerful and personal work, and for winning this competition.

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