Saturday, September 11, 2010

Shawn Rocco at SPARKcom

Raleigh photographer Shawn Rocco has work in this year's photography show in SPARKcon, Raleigh's festival of creativity and the arts, running September 16-19 in various venues in downtown Raleigh.

Shawn is a staff photographer for Raleigh's News & Observer who has been getting lots of notice and a whole slew of awards with images he makes with his Motorola E815 cellphone camera, which he describes as "the Kodak Brownie of the digital age."  You can learn more about this series, which he calls cellular obscura, if you visit his blog.

Shawn deserves even wider recognition for recognizing the potential of this medium to produce images that have a haunting quality, a result of the specific tonal range and imaging process of this at-once humble and yet powerful camera, at least when its at the service of Shawn's talented eye.

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