Thursday, October 8, 2015

UPDATED -- Stacy Kranitz is Having a Wonderful 2015, and Its Only October

Stacy Kranitz, who works a lot in the Appalachian areas of the American South, is having a wonderful 2015, and its only October.

1. Kranitz has work from her As It Was Give(n) to Me portfolio in Diffusion: the Cardiff International Photography Festival, in Cardiff, Wales, now up through the month of October, go here.

Kranitz -- and the questions her work raises about how photographers can be true to their experience, and to their vision as artists, when their work draws attention to aspects of life that some members of their audience would rather not be reminded of -- has been featured by Sean O'Hanigan in London's Guardian newspaper, here.

2. Kranitz also has work from her Jerimy portfolio as part of the Independent Photography Festival in downtown Los Angeles.  

3. Kranitz also has work in the first volume of Heavy, a publication from the The Heavy Collective. You can buy your own copy of Heavy: Volume One here.

4. Kranitz will also take part in the Looking for America Symposium at the Cardif Photography Festival, on Friday, October 30th,2015.

5. Kranitz will also discuss her life and work with Colin Pantall at IC VISUAL LAB in Bristol, UK (not Tennessee). 
6. You can hear Kranitz discuss her work in a podcast for Filmmaker Magazine, with Elaine Sheldon and Sarah Ginsburg, available here:
You can also read the article in Filmmaker Magazine, here:
7. Kranitz has also been the subject of a review and discussion by Kate Fowler, in American Suburb X online magazine, go here:
8. Finally, Kranitz' work is frequently featured in the online magazine VICE, go here, and here, and here, for example, all work from 2015. 

And its only October. Who knows what else the year will bring?

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