Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Do Good Fund at Cassilhaus for Click!

People who live in North Carolina's Research Triangle region and who are interested in Southern photography need to make plans to see Tracing the American South, a show of work from the Do Good Fund's collection of Southern photography now up at Cassilhaus, north of Chapel Hill, through November. 

Curated by Duke's Tom Rankin and Southern photographer Rachel Boillot (see Rachel in the image above, contemplating her handiwork), Tracing the American South brings together 42 images from the Do Good Fund's collection plus a number of complementary images from the collection of Ellen Cassilly and Frank Konhaus, owners of Cassilhaus. 

This show is but one of the many events in October in the Triangle that are part of Click! Triangle Photography Festival.  

You can read more about the genesis and development of Click! here, on the Indy blog. 

The images in this show are a truly outstanding selection of work made in the American South since 1954. The Do Good Fund has assembled an exceptionally strong collection of work, from which Tom and Rachel have chosen images that work together exceptionally well. 

They have chosen work that is perfect for the gallery space at Cassilhaus, both in scale and in number.

When I say plan to see this show, I mean plan -- because the gallery space for this show is part of the private home of Frank and Ellen. 

They look forward to welcoming you, but need you to contact them  in advance to make an appointment. 

Contact them by email at fkonhaus@kontek.com or by phone at (919) 403-6301.

One of the really nice things for me about getting over to Cassilhaus for the opening was the chance to meet photographers I write about on this blog, but had not met previously, including Lori Vrba, Susan Worsham, Eliot Dudik (all pictured above, reading left to right), Aaron Canipe, and Rachel Boillot.   

For more information on this show, or on how to contact Frank or Ellen to visit Cassilhaus, check out the Cassilhaus website or the Events Calendar at CLICK! Triangle Photography Festival's site

Did I say this is a show that really can't  be missed?

OK, I'll say it again -- this show is VERY much worth you effort to get there.

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