Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Southern Photographers Featured Online and On Paper -- Late Winter 2013

Lots of Southern photographers are featured in on-line magazines -- and paper magazines -- at the moment.

For example, ISSUE 47 of fraction magazine features work by Atlanta-based photographer Deanne Andrus (see image above), from her United/Apart portfolio.

Also, work by Houston-based photographer Galina Kurlat, with images from her Safe Distance portfolio (see image above).

Also, work by Dallas-based photographer Nancy Newberry, with images from her Halfway to Midland portfolio
(see image above).

Over at the Oxford American, Jeff Rich continues to feature outstanding photographers he has found with their Eyes on the South.

Since our last check-in, Jeff has included the work of German photographer Constanze Flamme (see above) from her portfolio Troubled Waters.  

Also, Lexington, KY-based photographer Sarah Hoskins, with work (see above) from her portfolio The Homeplace.

Also, Hammond, LA--based photographer Bethany Sousa, with work (see above) from her portfolio Sunshine State.

Also, Savannah-based photographer Carson Sanders, with work (see above) from his portfolio made at the Bush & Barnes Barber Shop.

Also, Cary, NC-based photographer Roger May, with work (see above) from his portfolio Testify.

Also, Nashville, TN-based photographer Hollis Bennett, with work (see above) from his portfolio American Weekend.

And in paper magazines -- remember paper magazines? -- the current issue of SHOTS magazine has work by Fayetteville, GA-based photographer Donna Rosser (see image above), Newnan, GA- based photographer Anne Berry, Rockville, TN-based photographer Christopher Harris, Greenville, TX-based photographer Barry McNew, and Houston, TX-based photographer Laura Burlton.

Lots of fine work here, work well worthy of our attention.

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