Friday, March 22, 2013

Juried Shows Coming Up in Georgia

The post brings invitations to participate in two juried shows that will be up in Georgia later this year. These shows together provide bookends of a kind on the range of photographic work being done in the fine state of Georgie, and across the South.

Atlanta-based photographer Beth Lilly (see her work above) writes of a show sponsored by the Atlanta Photography Group designed to explore, in this electric age, what photographers could do if the power went off.

Called The Post-Apocalyptic Photo Challenge, it seeks work that responds to questions like these:

"Is our digital dependency causing us to overlook the image-making potential of new materials and knowledge that hasn’t yet been used in fine art photography?

"On the flip side, are there creative new ways to use vintage photographic methods?

"Is it even possible today to utilize chemical processes without electricity?"

I guess this is an appropriate concern, since the power does go off a lot around here, when the ice storm hits, or the hurricane blows through, or  the squirrel gets into the transformer. 

In any case, the concept is intriguing, the entry deadline is May 18th, and the entry form is here.

The other Call for Entries that has just gone out is this year's edition of SlowExposures, the juried show about the rural South, held every September just south of Atlanta, in Pike County, Georgia.

This is one of the great events in Southern photography, because its done right, and done well.

The show will open on September 20th, 2013. Work is due by June 16th, 2013.

A Description of the Event is here. The Call for Entries is here. The Schedule of Events is here. An inspirational quote from Marjorie Rawlings is here.An inspirational image by Cynthia Henebry is above.

What more could anyone ask for? Time to make plans to participate.

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