Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Southern Photography Named Among 100 Best Sites for Photographers

Your humble blogger has recently learned that this site has been named among the 100 Best Sites for Photographers by the folks at Photography

We are in a list with Scott Kelby, Moose Petersen, Lens Culture, the Leica Camera Blog, and a whole bunch of other good folks.

That's high cotton, indeed, and as they say, so far, its been absolutely free. No one has called.

We are truly honored and pleased and happy for this recognition.

But its really about the quality of the work we get to present and write about, on this blog about Southern fine art photography.


  1. Hi John - CONGRATULATIONS - you richly deserve it and I hope it will keep you going for another year of excellent blogging about Southern photography!

  2. Congratulations, John. You have earned this recognition and then some. Keep up the great work! and thank you for the attention you bring to the fine work being done in our region.