Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Magdalena Sole at the Leica Gallery

Honorary Southern Photographer Magdalena Solé will be opening a show of her photographs from the Mississippi Delta in New York City, at the Leica Gallery, at 670 Broadway, in Manhattan, with a reception on January 10th from 6:00 to 8:00 in the evening.

This show, curated by Elizabeth Avedon, will be up at the Leica Gallery through February 23rd, 2013.

Much of this work has been published in  Solé's book New Delta Rising, from the University of Mississippi Press.

This work is the subject of PDN's Photo of the Day feature for January 8th, 2013.

Here are some of Solé's  thoughts on this body of work:

"People in the Delta have stories, music, love and deep care for their community, irrespective of the hardship they endure. I was drawn to the people I encountered. They were unlike most I had known. They allowed me to slip into their midst as if they had known me for a long time, and we could share stories, laughter, sorrow and silence. This didn’t happen one time, it happened every day in every town.

"I always bring the people I photograph their pictures when I return. I met a man who had never held a picture of himself, and even though he had lost most of his ability to speak, he had a big warm laugh and a giant hug when I brought him his picture.

"Photography is recording images of others. Sometimes you are lucky and make a friend, but most often you arrive as an outsider and that is how you leave. The Delta refused to go along. I arrived as an outsider, but was drawn into its fabric until I felt like the family member who happened to have the camera. I was born in Spain, raised in Switzerland, lived my adult life in New York City, but the Delta and its people felt like home. I carry the deepest gratitude."

This is fine work, well worth a visit if you are in New York City in the next few weeks.

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