Monday, September 3, 2012

Photography in Southern Cities Featured in PDN

PDN, the monthly photography magazine for grown-ups, has a PDN Photosource supplement to the October issue (at least for the subscription copy) with two feature stories on photography in Southern cities.

In "Shoot in Atlanta," Jay Mallin discusses equipment and rental facilities as well as interesting places to shoot that, he says, "you won't find on the East or West coasts."

The piece includes brief interviews with Angelina Pennington, who is the art buyer for BBDO, an advertising firm in Atlanta, with Caroline Kilgore, photo editor for Atlanta Magazine, and with David Stuart, a photographer who works in Atlanta.

Jay Mallin also discusses, in this issue, the resources for photographers that Miami provides. I know Miami's status as a Southern city is a bit precarious, but it is certainly south of here, and if you need to photograph in Miami, this information about "Miami Studios" should prove helpful.

The Studio + Equipment Guide in this issue also provides brief accounts of the photography resources available in a national survey of locations that includes Washington, DC, Florida, and Georgia.

All this is helpful information if you are headed that way with your camera.

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