Monday, September 3, 2012

Maude Schuyler Clay at the Delta Cultural Center

Mississippi-based photographer Maude Schuyler Clay has opened a major show of her work in the Delta Cultural Center at 141 Cherry Street, in Helena, Arkansas.

The show opened on September 1st and will be up through December 8th, 2012.

Maude Clay has exhibited and published her work widely, and published her first collection of photographs, Delta Land, with the University Press of Mississippi, in 1999.

You can see some of the images from this portfolio here.

Clay's family has lived in the Mississippi Delta for 5 generations.

Her work in Delta Land, according to the Mississippi Press, "involves the recording and preservation of Mississippi Delta landscape and its rapidly disappearing indigenous structures: mule barns, field churches, cotton gins, commissaries, crossroads stores, tenant houses, cypress sheds, and railroad stations."

Clay uses B+W images effectively to evoke a sense of timelessness, that quality of memory that creates of our past a place that never changes, even as it recedes from us.

This is a sense of the past that many Southerners carry with us of a time now lost.when things were in their place, and we knew our place among them.

Clay will publish her second major collection of images with the University Press of Mississippi, with the title, Delta Dogs,  in 2013.

You can see some of the images from this portfolio, here.

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