Monday, January 23, 2012

Upcoming Show -- Puppy Love in Zebulon, Georgia

What do the folks behind the Slow Exposures Southern Photography Festival and SXSE do in their spare time? Run a photography competition, of course.

The annual Puppy Love Show at A Novel Experience Bookstore in Zebulon, GA will be up from January 30th through February 25th, 2012, with a closing reception on the 25th, featuring hot dogs, of course.

Puppy Love is a juried photo exhibition held each February, featuring images of dogs being dogs. All profits go to local animal shelters and to guide and assistance dogs for returning soldiers injured in combat.

This year's jurors were Jerry Atnip and Paul Conlan, and the Winner of Best in Show (see image above) is Shannon Johnstone, my friend who is Associate Professor of Studio Art at Meredith College, here in Raleigh.

Other winners in this year's Puppy Love Competition include Kathryn Kolb, Anne Berry, Donna Black, Valerie Hayes, Donna Rosser, Gary Gruby, and Beau Gentry, and you can see all their work on on the new Puppy Love Facebook page 

Oen more word about Shannon Johnstone -- she is passionate about dogs, and she is also passionate about animal rights and the issues around animal overpopulation. Look at her portfolio Breeding Ignorance only if you are ready for some heartbreak.

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  1. Thank you John! I appreciate your support. Puppy Love looks a stunning exhibition—it is an honor to be a part of it.