Friday, January 13, 2012

SXSE for January 2012

The new year brings the new online issue of South by Southeast (SXSE), the magazine of photography in the Southeast.

This issue is Volume 3, #1 -- a tribute to Nancy McCrary and all the folks at SXSE who have worked so hard to develop and sustain this remarkable enterprise through two complete volumes and now into their third volume and into the future. They also have their first real on-paper issue, go here

The new on-line issue is called The Travel Issue, and it shows Southern photographers getting out in the world to have a look around and to bring back image fo what they've seen.

I'm especially pleased that so many of the photographers featured in this issue are several from North Carolina, including Hillsborough's Elizabeth Matheson (who brings us images of Italy), Durham's Christopher Sims (who brings us image of Guantanamo Bay), Raleigh's Diana Bloomfield (who takes us to Coney Island), and Durham's Titus Brooks Heagens, (who takes us to Japan, see image above).

Other shooters with work in this issue inclue Thomas Neff (images of Europe and Asia), Andy Levin (images of Jacmel, in Haiti, and Lucinda Bunnen (images of Burkina Faso).

And you can have access to it all, for a truly modest sum.

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