Thursday, January 12, 2012

Laura Noel's Law and Order on Best of 2011 List

Atlanta-based photographer Laura Noel has had her book Law and Order Gets Me Through the Night included on a list of the best indie and self-published books of 2011.

This list was composed by Laurissa Leclair who runs the Indie Photobook Library at the Corcoran Gallery in Washington, DC, and can be found here.

Laura's book is a photographic meditation on the TV show Law and Order. She says it is about her "addiction to the show coupled with raging insomnia. Since I can't sleep, and I'm watching the show, I thought I might as well shoot it off my laptop."

Leclair says it "pushes the boundaries of what a photobook can be" by being a set of fifty 3×2 inch individual cards showing scenes from the show captured during times of Laura's insomnia, a storage box and a miniature stand.

The viewer can arrange and rearrange the images, creating one's own rotating exhibition of these images, and showing them on the viewing stand.

Ordering information for Laura's book is available here.

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