Friday, January 20, 2012

Pamela Pecchio and Brooke White on One, One Thousand in January

Photographers featured this month on One, One Thousand are Charlottesville, VA-based Pamela Pecchio and Oxford, MS-based Brooke White.

Pecchio's portfolio, On Longing, Distance and Heavy Metal, has, she says, grown out a time when she felt physically divided between her professional and her personal spaces, and had to drive regularly for long distances to move from one place to the other. She made these transitions through the landscapes of North Carolina and Virginia to the sound of heavy metal music. 

Pecchio began to stop on her journeys to make images out of her passion for heavy metal music and for these Southern landscapes which for her have the same quality of enveloping, of temporarily holding the viewer "inside a tangled web," inside a place that has a solid foundation, and layers, and is "complicated, often unbalanced, dense, and shares a story."

You can see more of this portfolio, here, on Pecchio's website.  She does a remarkable job of finding strong compositions among the tangled and twisted linbs of trees and bushes, and perhaps among the tangled feelings of divided loyalties and the tangled sounds of heavy metal music.

Brooke White's portfolio is called Delta Constant and its images document similarities in delta landscapes even though the actual places are separated by thousands of miles, from the Mississippi Delta to the deltas of the Tana River in Kenya and the Mekong River in Viet Nam.

White's work usually is about "the ways in which tourism, agriculture, politics and technology affect our connection to the landscape."

Here, she is more engaged in questions of geographical similarity, of visual congruity, in the contemplation of the confluence of land and water, of lines that lead away into the distance, of the ways in which an inland tract of land like the Mississippi Delta has visual similarities with deltas that are formed when big rivers meet the ocean.

The folks at One, One Thousand have an uncanny ability to find -- month by month -- wonderful Southern photographers who are making art out of their experience of their region. Keep it up, folks!

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