Thursday, March 9, 2017

Tamara Reynolds is already having a great 2017, and It's only March

Nashville-based photographer Tamara Reynolds (see images above and below) is off to a great chapter in her career development this year.

Work from Reynolds' Southern Route portfolio is featured in Kat Kiernan's Don't Take Pictures magazine, Issue # 8, now out. You can get a taste of Reynold's work here.

Writing for the magazine,  Sarah Coleman says that "For Reynolds, the intimacy of the work is an all-important step to healing the South’s divisions. 

"Before even beginning Southern Route, [Reynolds] started reading about the history of the region, coming to terms with her responsibility as a white, middle class woman. ”

Reynolds also has images in the most recent issue of the Oxford American, as part of a story about a very Southern subject -- murder and the military. 

Go here for Reynolds' photographs of Oak Grove, Kentucky and for Nick Tabor's account of "what an unsolved double murder in Kentucky reveals about America’s military-industrial complex."

All this, and it's only March -- who knows what the rest of the year will bring? 

Whatever happens, we will report it to you on The Southern Photographer

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