Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Some Photography Shows in Virginia -- Spring 2017

Williamsburg-based photographer Eliot Dudik (see image above) has a solo show up at the Gordon Art Galleries at Old Dominion University, in Norfolk, VA
This show includes images from Dudik's Broken Land and Still Lives portfolios, and is up through April 16th, 2017. 

Later this year, Dudik and nine outer Southern photographers will have work in a group show up at the Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art, in Virginia Beach, VA, opening May 12th and up through August 13th, 2017.   

This show will be called Southern Routes. The curators at Virginia MOCA say of this show that "The south stands as an abundant source of myth and stereotypes. 
"But, its rich and varied history, traditions and cultural output paint a much more complex picture. The south’s fascinating stories are waiting to be shared. 

"In this exhibition, contemporary photographers offer a peek of what is waiting when you travel down its roads.  

"The photographers featured present their own take on the people, history, land and culture that have in many ways shaped the story of our nation.  

"Every artist and every viewpoint tells a completely new story." 

Joining Dudik in this show are Southern photographers Kelly Berry, Grant Ellis, Kate Medley (see image above), Tammy Mercure, Brian Palmer, Tamara Reynolds, Kathleen Robbins, Jerry Siegel, and Aaron Turner.

 Much to look forward this year in Southern photography, in the state of Virginia. 


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