Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Welcome SCALAWAG Magazine!

There is a new magazine covering Southern culture -- SCALAWAG -- with both print, on-line, and newsletter versions.

The editors say their mission is for SCALAWAG to spark "critical conversations about the many Souths where we live, love, and struggle. 

"We amplify voices of activists, artists, and writers to reckon with Southern realities as they are, rather than as they seem to be.

"Scalawag spurs examination of Southern politics and cultures. 

"We've covered environmental justice, public school resegregation, and how families face mental illness. 

"With stories from Mississippi to Virginia, Atlanta to rural West Virginia, Scalawag has amplified the voices of Southerners reckoning with our region.

"The stories we tell matter. In print, online, and in person, Scalawag reimagines the roots and futures of the place we call home. We are on our way."

The good folks at SCALAWAG have now produced 5 issues, on a once-every-3-months schedule. 

You can catch up with SCALAWAG here, for the current issue as well as the first 4 issues. 

You can subscribe here, and contribute here

SCALAWAG is also looking for submissions from writers, artists, and poets, go here. 
Sounds like a plan to me.  Lots of good photography here as well.

Learn more on their website, where you can see their (very inspiring) KickStarter video. 

The good folks at SCALAWAG are definitely worth our attention and support!

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