Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Southern Photographers Recently Featured in Lenscratch

Lenscratch is one of the most compelling and consistently interesting photography ezines available today, and it frequently features Southern photographers and photographers with Southern roots or connections. 

Here are a few folks whose work has been featuyred recently in Lenscratch. 

Raleigh-based photographer Shannon Johnstone (see image above) has had her book Landfill Dogs celebrated on Lenscratch, here. 

Florida-based photographer Sharon Lee Hart  (see image aboved) has been having fun doing work with water involved in the image, as backdrop or visual motif, and her work has been featured in Lenscratch, here.  

North Carolina-born but now living in California photographer Preston Gannaway (see image above) has been photographing along the coast of Virginia, and has work from her Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea portfolio featured in Lenscratch, here.

David Batchelder (see image above) is a photographer Who Is Not From Around Here, but he has been making some well-seen images of the beach at Isle of Palms, near Charleston, SC, now published in the book Tideland.

Batchelder is also featured in Lenscratch, here, as well as on Photoworks, here.

Congratulations to all these folks, and to Lenscratch, for paying attention. 


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