Friday, February 26, 2016

More News of Southern Photographers -- Late Winter 2016

Several items worthy of our interest and attention, as the days begin to get longer and the red buds and daffodils begin to bloom.

1. Columbia, SC-based photographer Kathleen Robbins (see image above) is interviewed on the AUNTIEBELLUM ezine, here. 

This is a must-read. Please pay careful attention, especially,  to Robbins' account of her grandmother's story of a wild man who "who lived far away and deep in the woods in the top of a tree and in a hole." 

This account is about how a germ of an idea became a story that became woven into Robbins' childhood and into her understanding of herself, and her family, and of who her grandmother was. 

This is paradigmatic of how we in the South make meaning of our lives.

We make stories, and retell them. And of course we make images too. 

2. Richmond, VA-based photographer Susan Worsham (see image above) has been nominated for this year's Baum Award for an Emerging American Photographer, and she has a new website, too. Go here. 

3. Durham, NC-based photographer Aaron Canipe (see image above) has been interviewed on PhotoART Magazine, here. 

4. Memphis-based photographer Ariella Gibson (see image above) has had work from her developing portfolio exploring pleasure and pain featured on AINTBAD Magazine, here.

5. The truly wonderful Do Good Fund has its collection of Southern photography (see Jerry Seigel's image, above) featured on Jeff Rich's Eyes on the South, for the Oxford American, here.

This is in honor of the Do Good Fund's major exhibition now up in Athens, GA, through March of 2016. 

6. I'm still not sure Pittsburgh-based photographer Aaron Blum (see image above) is a Southern photographer, since he is Not From Around Here, and works chiefly in West Virginia, that state created specifically to avoid the defining experience of Southern history.

But Blum does good work in Appalachia, and lots of Appalachia is definitely in the South, and his work has been featured in the New Yorker, here.

So there you have it.

More news later, from The Southern Photographer. 

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