Saturday, February 27, 2016

David Levene finishes Road Trip through the South for the Guardian

London-based Honorary Southern Photographer David Levene and his colleague writer Matthew Teague have finished their journey through the American South for the Guardian newspaper.

We have commented on Levene's work before (go here).

Since Levene continues to do exceptional work, even as someone Not From Around Here, I thought it would be worth looking a bit more carefully at his work in and around Charlottesville, the last stop on his Southern journey.

Levene's portfolio of work made in Charlottesville is here.

We discussed several years ago the work of Martin Parr, another British photographer who did a turn in the South at the request of the High Museum of Art in Atlanta.

Parr came to Atlanta, made a flying tour of the city, made images that look like the images he makes everywhere he goes, collected his check, and went home. 

We are none the better for his visit. 

Levene came here on assignment for the Guardian, clearly a person with the camera skills, the eye, and the vision to connect with the place in which he found himself.

In his work, we learn something about ourselves as Southerners. We are better for his time here.

Thanks, David, come back any time! Or, perhaps better, y'all come back to see us, ya heah!


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