Friday, May 8, 2015

Sally Mann in Vogue and Vanity Fair -- and on NPR and CBS and in the Oxford American

Distinguished Southern Photographer Sally Mann is definitely in fashion in this spring of 2015. 

Or at least in vogue. There is a fascinating interview with Mann on the Vogue website, here.

Mann is also interviewed in Vanity Fair, here.

Mann has also been interviewed on Fresh Air by NPR's Terry Gross, here, and by Charlie Rose, on CBS This Morning, here. 
It's intriguing to compare the approaches to interviewing Mann taken by each of these news outlets -- by the journal of fashion, by the journal of high-class gossip, by NPR's oracle of American popular culture, and by a prominent spokesperson for mass-market media.

For a completely different take, see this interview with Mann in the Oxford American, interviewed  (and photographed) by Southern photographer Maude Schuyler Clay.

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