Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Roger May's Appalachia in the New York Times

Raleigh-based (but with deep West Virginia roots) photographer Roger May (see image above) is having an exceptional 2015. 

His Looking at Appalachia Project (which we described a while back here) is opening its first prints-on-the wall exhibition on May 21st at the Spartanburg County Public Libraries Headquarters, 151 South Church Street, Spartanburg, South Carolina. 

This fascinating project has, today, May 20, 2015, captured the imagination of the New York Times' David Gonzalez, who features Roger and the Looking at Appalachia Project on the NY Times' LENS blog, here.

Congratulations to Roger and his colleagues in the Looking at Appalachia Project.

Y'all are using photography to address basic issues of public perception, an ongoing challenge for all of us in the American South. 

We're proud to know you and look forward to seeing how all this works out. 

But most of all, we look forward to the photographs. 

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