Friday, September 12, 2014

Southern Photographers in the News, Late Summer, 2014

A number of Southern photographers are being featured on the Internet and in the galleries this fall.

Here are a few examples:

Savannah-based photographer Meryl Truett  (see image above)  is currently featured on the Lens Culture blog, here

Mississippi-born photographer Whitten Sabbatini (see image above) and SCAD-trained but now Iowa City-based photographer Jeff Rich have made the short list of London's Telegraph newspaper's feature Fifteen Photographers to Watch. 

Sabbatini is also about to launch a solo exhibition of his photographs at the Brooks Museum of Art in Memphis, TN (opening October 4th, 2014 and up through January 4th, 2015). 

Rich (see image above) is about to open two shows of images from his Watershed Project portfolio. 

One is at the Eli Marsh Gallery, at Amherst College, in Amherst, Massachusetts, opening September 25th and up through October 9th, 2014. 

The other is at the Mesaros Gallery at West Virginia University, in Morgantown, WV, opening October 16th and up through December 9th, 2014.

Also in the galleries, Georgia-based photographer Tim McCoy (see image above) will be having an exhibition of his  gold-toned albumen portfolio of gold-toned albumen prints, Long, Long Journey to the Sea, at the Ursuline Hall Gallery, Southwest School of Art, San Antonio, TX.

This show is up now, through November 9th, 2014. 

News just in -- newly-minted Virginian Eliot Dudik (see image above) is having a show of images from his Broken Land and Still Lives portfolios at this year's Slow Exposures Festival in Pike County, GA, curated by the estimable John Bennette

Dudik's portfolios engage questions of the Civil War and its legacy, especially in terms of that war's engagement with the history of photography. The images in Broken Land are, literally, divided landscape photographs of Civil War battle sites, while the images in Still Lives are portraits of Civil War reenactors.

For details on all the events at Slow Exposures, go here or here

Mr Bennette also brings to our attention the fact that Richmond, VA-based photographer Gordon Stettinus  had a show of his images (see above) earlier this summer at the Robin Rice Gallery in NYC. 

And also, the ezine Lenscratch has done a feature story on the Aint Bad Magazine's American South issue -- all that here.

Finally, for now, the New Orleans-based photographer Kevin Kline (see image above) is the latest shooter to be featured on Jeff Rich's Eyes on the South blog for the Oxford American.  

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