Tuesday, April 10, 2012

SXSE in April -- Southerners Photograph the Earth

The online edition of the photomagazine South by Southeast for April 2012 is now available, and it is filled with images of beauty and of devastation.

In honor of Earth Day, the photography in this issue shows us images of some of the things we are doing to the earth, in the South and around the world, as well as of the world's beauty that we put at risk because of how we live.

Photographers -- and their work -- on offer in this issue include Daniel Shea's images of coal mining, Shannon Davis' images of derelict road signs, Phil Nesmith's images of the aftermath of the BP oil spill in the Gulf, Misty Keasler's images of landfills in developing countries, Paul Conlan's reminders of Cold War fears, and Anderson Scott's images of Florida sprawl.

To balance off the devastation, we are offered Donna Rosser's diptychs of nature in color and black-and-white, Ted Kincaid's images of manufactured realities, and Jack Leigh's images of the Georgia coast and its people.

There are also images from a show recently up in Virginia, in the Staniar Gallery of Washington & Lee University, called Land Not Lost: Contemporary Views of the Virginia Landscape and featuring work by Willie Ann Wright, Sally Mann, Rob McDonald, Gordon Stettinius, and Robert Williams.

And there is more, much more, more items of interest too numerous to mention, as the old advertizing slogan put it, and all on offer for you on the SXSE website.

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