Wednesday, April 4, 2012

In the Galleries, Spring 2012, Part One

Some updates on photography shows, current, and to come --

Raleigh-based photographer Shawn Rocco is having a show of his camera-phone photographs (see example, above) at the Ackland Museum of Art on the campus of the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, up now through April 7th, 2012.

For a nice review of Shawn's show, go here.

There is also a show up at the NC Museum of Art now through May 27th, called Presence/Absence.

This show features work by photographers well-known to readers of this blog, including Jeff Whetstone, Pamela Pecchio, Taj Forer, Rob Amberg, David Simonton, and John Menapace.

The NCMA says of this show, "The photographs in this exhibition, all from the North Carolina Museum of Art’s permanent collection, reveal the constant mutual exchange between an environment and its inhabitants. Each image in Presence/Absence strongly implies human presence, even though we do not see any figures."

And, speaking of Chapel Hill-based photographer Taj Forer, he is opening a show of his work a long way from home, in Los Angeles, in fact, at the LeadApron Gallery, 8445 Melrose Place, in Los Angeles, 

The gallery says this is a show of photographs and objects from Taj's Stone by Stone portfolio, and describes what it will have on offer as "Forer’s masterful and poetic exploration of the materials that make our world," work offering "more than an ode, but a cry of the wild to add to the folklore of where we are today as a species reconnecting us with the magic of our past and a premonition  of our abuse of power."

Further, "Forer’s synesthetic approach to storytelling lures us back, beyond the gloss and gimmickry of the artifact of culture to regions of our pre-verbal brain and yet fast forwards us to the present reminding us of our duty and responsibility to mother earth."

Yes, well, there you have it, and it will be up from April 6th - May 19th of 2012.

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