Monday, April 2, 2012

Laura Noel on the Consciencious Blog

Atlanta-based photographer Laura Noel has caught the attention of Joerg Colberg on his very influential blog Conscientious, go here. 

This is for Laura's ongoing series Smoke Break (see image above).
Colberg says,  "I think that you want to look at Laura Noel’s Smoke Break first and foremost as good portraiture and second as a body of work about smoking. It’s funny, smoking has always had all kinds of things attached to it - the idea of being cool, and now the social stigma (in a society where all kinds of almost equally unhealthy habits are widely accepted)."

If you are a smoker in Atlanta and want to be immortalized by art, Laura says on her blog that she is "till looking for subjects, if anyone knows of smokers in the metro Atlanta area or the Southeast who would like to have a portrait made" so you might want to contact her (contact information here).

Laura has gotten some well-deserved recognition lately. Her work on this project has also caught the attention of the folks at aCurator magazine, here.  AND her book Law & Order Gets Me Through the Night is now available through the Photo-Eye Online Bookstore.

Laura is a photographer who ought to be on anyone's list of the best photographers in the South. 

Be sure to check out her work.

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