Friday, September 16, 2011


With the morning chill in the air in my part of the South, its clear that Summer 2011 is behind us, and a new season is before us. And there is so much going on, wherever you are in the South this Friday.

If you are in Danville, VA, there is the Nine Visions show (see previous post).

Further South, Raleigh-based photographer Larry Earley is having a show of his elegantly seen and beautifully printed images documenting changes in Southern coastal life as traditional cultures give way to the world of tourism and mass production. The show, called East of Beaufort, opening tonight, September 16th, with a reception between 6-9 at the Through This Lens Gallery, at 303 East Chapel Hill Street, in in downtown Durham, NC.

Larry is a master of traditional, hand-made darkroom photographs, a practitioner of the craft as well as the art of photography. This is definitely worth checking out, if you are in this part of the South.

If you are in Georgia, on the other hand, this is the night to check out all the events of Opening Weekend for SlowExposures 2011. There is much to to do -- the SlowExposures show, Mr Bennette's show, David Simonton's show, the Party, the Ball, the portfolio review, Sylvia Plachy's lunch, and much, much more.

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