Thursday, September 8, 2011

Get out Your Dancing Shoes . . . . .

Opening of this year's SlowExposures Show grows ever nearer. So the SlowExposures Show Committee is inviting us all to a Ball.

This is an occasion not to be missed. Remember your small town Southern high school prom, when you were taking photographs of the merrymakers rather than dancing with the Prom King or Queen?

Adulthood is the time for the revenge of the artsy, the geeks, the nerds, and the oddballs, and the SlowExposures Show Committee is helping us with that. 

Here's how they put it:

Don't miss out on your ticket to The SlowExposures Ball! Deadline for Tickets is Friday, September 9th.
    THE 9TH ANNUAL SLOWEXPOSURES BALL is Saturday, September 17th and we don't want to miss you!

     This year, we have moved the Ball back to Opening Weekend of SlowExposures so our jurors and guests from all across the U.S. can put on their dancing shoes and join us. It turned out to be a great move--many of the photographers whose work graces the walls next door to the Ball will also be here. 

About the only one who cannot attend this year is the mule who traditionally takes ball-goers on carriage rides (he has the night off...)

     Come at 7:00 p.m. to Strickland's in Concord for cocktails...dinner is announced at 8:00...dancing to the sounds of The Regal Brothers, a jazz trio featuring jazz and swing standards.

     As usual, we will have our local photography studio offering instant "prom photos" for a nominal fee.

     And then there are the photographs...the Ballroom is adjacent to the Main Exhibition where many of the images will feature this-night-only prices. It's a great opportunity to meet many of the photographers who are coming from California, New Mexico, New York, Texas and all points between. Take a chance on our traditional Picture Raffle and win a lovely photograph for $1. Check out some of the work that will be shown by the participants of the SlowExposures Portfolio Review.

     It's a black tie-optional event with a fun, rural side. It's the only formal ball where every table is encouraged to bring a cooler! Each table of eight will create a centerpiece and a signature cocktail that will be judged by a mystery panel of judges. And, thanks to Still Pond Vineyards for getting everyone started with award-winning, complementary red and white wine.

The cost: $50.00 a ticket. The good deed: It's a benefit for The Whiskey Bonding Barn. The pay-off: A night of fun, dancing, conversation with photography lovers, awesome images, and unforgettable memories.


BY PHONE or E-MAIL: Call 770-567-3600 and leave a message--we'll get back to you pronto. Or, email us at with your inquiry. 

ON-LINE BY CREDIT CARD:  Go to Go to the History page and use the handy PayPal donation button to charge your tickets. 

(Please be sure to tell us who you are so we can do the place cards.)

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