Sunday, September 4, 2011

Chip Simone at the High Museum

Atlanta-based photographer Chip Simone has a major show of work now up at the High Museum, through  November 6th, 2011, entitled The Resonant Image.

A native of Worcester, MA, Simone studied at the Rhode Island School of Design with Harry Callahan. Soon after, he moved to Atlanta, where he made a career as a photographer by making B&W street photographs.

Chip Simone's photographs are in the permanent collections of the High Museum of Art, The Museum of Modern Art in NYC, The Corcoran Gallery of Art in Washington, DC, The Houston Museum of Fine Art, The Museum of Contemporary Art of Georgia, The Worcester (Mass.) Historical Museum, and the Sir Elton John Collection.

In 1996, Simone published On Common Ground, Photographs from the Crossroads of the New South with a forward by former Atlanta Mayor Andrew Young.

More recently, he has moved into color photography. The show at the High contains over 60 of his color photographs, like the one above, documenting and celebrating the past decade of his work.

Simone says, "My pictures celebrate the very act of seeing. . . . . . The potential of photography lies in its ability to render with a clarity and eloquence that bestows gravity to common objects and invests moments in time with a significance that transcends time. It is not what the photographer sees, but rather how the photographer sees that breathes life into a photograph."

Simone has convincingly mastered the transition from seeing in B&W to seeing in color. There is still very much a street photographer aesthetic in this work, yet color enhances form, composition, and timing in these images.

Simone's exhibit is a must-see for folks in Atlanta or those going to Georgia for ACP. Very much worth checking out!

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