Wednesday, July 19, 2017

South Carolina Week on Lenscratch

This is South Carolina Week on Lenscratch, a series of portfolios by photographers working in South Carolina, part of Lenscratch's ongoing States Project.

Lenscratch is releasing one portfolio a day, and we will try to keep up. So check back often!

The first featured photographer is Lexington, VA-based photographer Meg Griffiths (see image above). You will find her work on Lenscratch here

Griffiths is also the organizer and editor of all the portfolios featured this week from South Carolina. 

Also representing South Carolina this week is Conway, SC-based (but soon moving to Reno, Nevada) photographer Tracy Fish (see image above), profiled here, on Lenscratch

Charleston, SC-based photographer John Lusk Hathaway (see image above) is also representing South Carolina this week, profiled here, on Lenscratch

Columbia, SC-based photographer Ashley Kauschinger (see image above) is also part of South Carolina week, with her portfolio here, on Lenscratch

Bringing South Carolina Week on Lenscratch to a close is Charleston-based photographer Michelle Van Parys (see image above), with her portfolio, here.

Congratulations to the featured photographers, and to Meg Griffiths, who pulled all this together and provided helpful profiles of the photographers she invited to be part of this celebration of South Carolina photography.

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