Friday, July 7, 2017

Updated -- Southern Photographers in AINT-BAD Magazine

AINT BAD Magazine has come a long way from the days of its origins in Savannah, Georgia, where it was based in the SCAD community. 

Nowadays, we are more likely to find the work of photographers from all over the world than we are work by Southern photographers. 

But our colleagues in the American South do show up from time to time, and its worth noticing when they do. 

Recently, for example, AINT BAD has featured work by the Dallas-based photographer Marissa Chavez (see image above).

 Rural Georgia-based based photographer Michael Wriston (see image above), 

Also, Greenville, SC-based Katie Fenske (see image above), with her portfolio, here

Also, North Carolina based photographer Jefferson Lankford (see image above), with three appearances, here, here, and here,

New Orleans-based photographer Akasha Rabut (see image above), 

 Atlanta-based photographer Ben B. Lee (see image above),

NYC-based but South Carolina born photographer Courtney Garvin (see image above),

Douglasville, GA-based photographer Jack Deese (see image above),

Baton Rouge, LA-based photographer Lily Brooks (see image above),

New Orleans-based photographer Richard McCabe (see image above),

Dallas-based photographer Rachel Cox (see image above),

Myrtle Beach, SC-based photographer Tracy Fish (see image above),

and Eastern Shore of Maryland-based photographer Harrison Albert (see image above).

You can also see Kelia Albert's photographs of St Patrick's Day in Savannah, go here,

and read a profile of Savannah-based AINT BAD editor Anna Brody (see image above), go here.

Much to keep up with, from the good folks at AINT BAD Magazine.


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