Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Updated -- Beatrice Chauvin Reports From Paris

Honorary Southern Photographer Beatrice Chauvin lives in Paris when she is not photographing in the Mississippi Delta. 

The image of her above was taken during her show of work from her UNBROKEN portfolio at the BB King Museum in Indianola, MS, back in October. 

She now reports from Paris that she is fine, and has posted this statement on her Facebook page for her friends in the American South:

"I just saw in one of our biggest newspapers that "Les Français sont plongés dans l'effroi," meaning that we French people are scared to death after the attacks. 

"I am shocked to read such words, and I am writing these lines in English on purpose. 

"We are not scared to death-- yes we are worried, we are concerned, of course we are. 

"Our pain is big and the scars will take time for healing. 

"Behind our everyday life, our everyday gestures like getting up, making coffee, taking the metro and going to work, going to the "boulangerie" or chez le "boucher", making dinner, meeting friends-- behind all these gestures and behind our smiles, are tears. 

"It will last long. But we are brave and resistant and we carry on our lives, finding comfort in beautiful moments shared with our families, or watching a colored sunset on Notre -Dame, or listening to the peace of a garden in the early morning, or drinking a glass of wine with friends with baguette and cheese (Roquefort or Chèvre or Camembert).

"We must keep hoping. And we do."

Chauvin says she aspires to continue walking in the light by working on her new portfolio of Delta photographs, called Slivers of Luminescence.

This portfolio will include the images above, made during her most recent trip to the Delta. 

Good to hear about light in a dark time. To quote Leonard Cohen, there is a crack in everything. That's how the light gets in.

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