Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Tamara Reynolds in The Bitter Southerner

Beautiful work by Tamara Reynolds in the current edition of The Bitter Southerner, illustrating a story about Doug Seegers who is unknown in Nashville but a famous musician in Sweden.

Seegers is described as a busker whose "music has this Marvin Gaye-meets-Hank Williams-meets-Jimmy Webb-meets-Ray Charles thing happening."

The story is about the cold November rain, in Southern streets, down and out, and its about redemption, too.

Thanks to Reynolds for bringing us the look of that street in the rain, and the face and hands of Doug Seegers. And to the Bitter Southerner for bringing us Reynolds work, and Max Blau's work, and the story and the sound of Seegers and his work.

Bitter or not, that's the South.  As my father used to say, "Now, don't that beat all." 

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  1. Thank you, John, for the recognition. I appreciate a shout out from you