Tuesday, December 16, 2014

David Simonton at the Framers Corner in Carrboro

Master North Carolina photographer David Simonton is having a show of his work at the Framers Corner, at 210 West Main St, Carrboro, NC, now up through December 31st, 2014. 

Simonton is a true master at finding the compelling image in the midst of the small town South. 

North Carolina is a state of small towns, and Simonton has found the place, the light, and the moment in dozens and dozens of them. 

Who knew, until Simonton taught us, that that bird house was right there, in just the right place, to turn a the back of a ramshackled cinder block building into a place of grace and beauty?

Or that Simonton would find that tree just there, in front of that truck, in that place, in that light, and with that sign on it at just that angle, to lead us in to contemplate the possibility of wonder in the midst of the truly mundane? 

Simonton teaches us to see, and see anew, everywhere he goes, which is a good reason to get over to Carrboro and check out his work. 

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