Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Lenscratch Celebrates Slow Exposures

The Lenscratch Photography Blog is celebrating the SlowExposures Photography Festival this week, bringing some exceptionally-well deserved love to Chris Curry and all the good folks in Pike County, Georgia, who make Slow Exposures a joyous event every year.

Chapter One of this series is here, from October 20th, and features a report by Aline Smithson, one of this year's jurors, on her experience with SlowExposures this year. 

Chapter Two, for October 21st, gives us the statements about this year's show by jurors Smithson and her co-conspirator in the jury room, Alexa Dilworth, as well as a generous selection of images from the main show at SlowExposures and a list of the overall winners as well as all those juried into the show. 

Chapter Three profiles MacNair Evans and his solo show, Confessions of a Son, a show growing out of Evans' first place award at the 2013 SlowExposures juried show. Evan's work is deeply personal and also documentary, linking his own coming-to-terms with his late father and the economic crisis faced by many Southern small towns while Southern big cities boom.

Chapter Four, for October 23, 2014, features the pop-up show organized and presented by a group of photographers collectively known as The Posse, and individually known as Lori Vrba, Bryce Lankard, Ann George, Anne Berry, and S. Gayle Stevens.

Their installation, called Time, Place, and Eternity: Flannery O’Connor and the Craft of Photography, went up in Chris Curry's horse barn. Aline Smithson, writing for Lenscratch,  calls it "one of the most interesting and innovative exhibitions I’ve seen in a long while.

Chapter Five, for October  25th, 2014, features the Do Good Fund's growing collection of Southern photography, focusing on its show at this year's SlowExposures, under the title Brought to Light, presented at the Whiskey Bonding Barn and curated by Constance Lewis.

Chapter Six, for October 26th, 2014, features a second pop-up show that was part of SlowExposures this year, this one entitled Off the Page, featuring work by the Southlight Salon of Nashville —Jerry Atnip, Nick Dantona, Robert McCurley, Jerry Park, Mark Mosrie, Rick Smith, and Chuck Arlund.

Great for SlowExposures to get this kind of, well, exposure. 

The Lenscratch folks nailed it when they said, "The entire show was filled with stellar work."

Make sure you check this out.

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