Friday, May 23, 2014

Roger May is having a great 2014, and the year's only begun

Raleigh-based photographer Roger May is having a great 2014, and it's only, well, May.

May he continue to thrive.  Here is some of what's been going on.

May's new book Testify is out from Horse and Buggy Press, and selling like hotcakes. This is a beautifully-done book in two volumes, classy, full of fine images of Appalachia.

If you don't have a copy yet, go here.

A portfolio of May's work, A Love Letter to Appalachia, has appeared on the first-class online eZine The Bitter Southerner.

May has also been featured in Rural Life, a new magazine published by the folks at American Guide, that also features more Southern photographers among the contributors, who aalso include Tammy MercureEE BergerJames BernalMitch BordenAaron CanipeDan CarusoMichael CevoliMatt CurtisBreonne DeDeckerElicia EpsteinChristian HendricksBen HincemanNoelle McCleafPeter SpearRob Walters, and Tara Wray.

May is also IN American Guide, here. 

Roger has also started a new project,  Looking at Appalachia | 50 Years After the War on Poverty, for which contributions are being solicited. He also participated in a symposium, Portraying Appalachia, for the Oxford American, here, that also includes work by Stacy Kranitz, May, Rob Amberg, and Kate Fowler, all experienced photographers of Applachia..

Last March 29th, Roger and Stacy Kranitz moderated a panel on contemporary photography in Appalachia, featuring Kate Fowler, Jared Hamilton, Lauren Schneiderman, and Jeff Whetstone.

His photographs (see image above) documenting the aftermath of the Great Chemical Spill in West Virginia recently appeared in the Guardian (UK), here.

Congratulations to Roger May on all this fine recognition, and initiative, and achievement!

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