Thursday, July 12, 2012

Happy Birthday to SXSE! -- Updated

The online ezine South by Southeast (SXSE) is celebrating its first anniversary with a big Summer 2012 issue, now out here.

Nancy McCrary, our splendid editor, says it is the Girls' Issue.

Nancy can get by with saying that. But I can't. If I call these folks girls, I'm in serious trouble.

Because there is nothing girly about the work on offer here from the 10 photographers featured in this issue,  including Alecs Konson, Angela West, Beate Sass, Lori Vrba, Jan Fields, Joanna Knox Yoder, Josephine Sacabo, Laura Noel, Meryl Truett, and Vicki Hunt

Nancy also has a section of photographs from recent graduates of BFA and MFA programs in the South. They include Jesse Robitaille, Celestia Morgan, Meredith Ochoa, Jordan Lewey, Julie Sharpe, Sergei Isaenko, Aniz Adam Ansari,  Holly Killian, Alexander Wilson, Kayley Hake, Madison Jordan, Allison Wheeler, Amanda Halbrooks, and Deanne Andrus
That's all here, not to mention the usual section of reviews, comments, and a powerful report on this year's Look3 Festival of Photography from Charlottesville.

Nancy also announces in this issue a change in the publication schedule for SXSE. The good news is, there will be more print issues.

The plan, Nancy says, is that "every two months an online and a print will come out. July/Aug online was out July 1st, the print will be out before the end of August -- and so forth.

"So,  2 issues online represented by (selected images of) the same issues in print each two months."

And, yes, I know, there is a subscription fee for all this fine Southern photography, but its a very reasonable fee.

You can subscribe to the online version here.  You can order the print version, both issues of Volume One, here.

Don't put it off any longer. You know you should subscribe. You know it, you really do.


  1. Thank you, John! You've helped to make it a great first year!

  2. Print issue #2 is now available, BTW, with a free preview & purchase info here: