Tuesday, March 13, 2012

SXSE for March 2012 -- Springtime in the South

Nancy McCrary and all the good folks at the Soutb by Southeast Photomagazine (SXSE) have released their March 2012 issue. This issue is devoted to springtime in the South, which came early this year. In fact, this year will go down in Southern History as the Year Without a Winter.

And this month, you have no reason, no reason whatsoever, not to check out the fine work on offer to celebrate springtime in the South.

Nancy has provided a link on SXSE's  home page to enable you to sign up for a month of SXSE absolutely free (no one will call, as they used to say down here).

You owe it to yourself, yes you do, to sign up and experience all the riches of photography in the South, on offer in SXSE every month.

This month, for example, you will see work by Shannon Johnstone (see image above) as well as images from Keith Carter, Dave Anderson, Peter Essick, Kathryn Kolb, Vicki Ragan, Victoria Ryan, Gayle Stevens, Bob Poe, Anne Berry, and Woody Woodruff. 

Not to mention interviews with Sondra Gilman on her collection of photography and Brett Abbott on his new role as photography curator at the High Museum in Atlanta.

Please, have a look, take advantage of Nancy's generous offer, and see why you should sign up as a regular subscriber.  

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  1. Why, Mr. Wall, you're making us blush! I'm just a contributing writer, but I know how much Nancy and Andrew and every man jack at SxSE magazine value your high opinion. Hope to see you at Look3!

    Katie O'Grady
    Register, GA